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"Flatbed Applicators Despite the boom in digital flatbed printing, demand has stayed strong for flatbed applicators. Brendan Perring analyses the forces shaping this technology's future" /Brendan Perring Feature writer

"The original"

"Chris Bradley, marketing manager at William Smith, the first UK distributor of the ROLLSROLLER believes the key factors in this flatbed applicator retaining its dominant market position are quality and durability of build, such as its robust guide beams and chassis, together with an evolving product range to meet the needs of sign-makers, with entry, standard, and premium ranges."
"Increased table sizes are also now available so that there is a table suitable for everyone,” says Bradley, who adds: “In addition, ongoing development of product features offers a wider range of options, such as heated rollers, height adjustable tables, additional roller beam, extension tables, fifth generation pressure roller, roller holder, stop static kit cord, and machine feet. A two to five year warranty on machines is a further benefit.”
“Over 20 years’ experience of manufacturing the ROLLSROLLER has been influential in developing the machine to what it is today and what it will become in the future,” Wendel expands, adding: “And twenty years’ experience has also given us a wide and strong network of distributors worldwide with whom we have built close relationships. This has been invaluable in helping us to understand what our partners and customers need and want.”


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