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We purchased the larger ROLLSROLLER Premium 540/220 (6ft x 18ft) model to be able to do large Polycarbonate back lighted faces, along with all the smaller projects. The ROLLSROLLER has increased our production dramatically while at the same time reducing mistakes and improving quality. The machine is easy to use, and within a few hours after installation and training, we were in full production. We estimate that the Payback Period for us was ONE YEAR easily.
We are now to the point where we need to purchase another ROLLSROLLER and have put it to the top of our list for next year’s budget. It truly is…….. that good.

ROI: 12 months

Calculate your possible profits
Calculate your possible profits

Use ROLLSROLLER ROI Calculator to see your time and money savings.

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Our products are in demand worldwide and now we need to strengthen our organization with an Area Sales Manager.

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5 Reasons to choose ROLLSROLLER

1. The ROLLSROLLER Flatbed Applicator was invented by sign makers

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