Patrick Lumley Owner and CEO, Side Effects Graphics, Canada

Apply large format digital print on boards with perfect results

For consistent sign quality – buy this product! I decided to buy a ROLLSROLLER as soon as I saw it on YouTube. Patrick Lumley, Owner and CEO, Side Effects Graphics, Canada.

“I decided to buy a ROLLSROLLER as soon as I saw it on YouTube. We chose a ROLLSROLLER 540/170 PREMIUM because it was the right size for our print shop and we can put double 1 220 x 2 440 mm (4 x 8 ft.) boards on the work surface.
We especially appreciate the fact that this machine allows us to work so fast. We apply a lot of self-adhesive film on boards and didn’t want the fuss of a flat bed printer, which requires installation, calibration and maintenance. There’s no need for all that with a ROLLSROLLER. Within four hours of installing it in our print shop, we had already applied 130 m2 (1400 sq. ft.) of film on the boards with perfect results. The machine is virtually maintenance free and we haven’t noticed any wear. It produces consistently high-quality results, with nice smooth surfaces every time. If you want consistent quality – buy this product! I find it hard to imagine it ever going out of date. What makes a ROLLSROLLER such a great investment is that it eliminates several time-consuming production steps. Take training, for example: it cuts training time by several months. I can put practically anyone to work on this machine, and they’re producing perfect results before the day is over. That’s what I call professional – doing something advanced and making it look easy. That’s what the ROLLSROLLER does.”

Side Effects Graphics has been supplying vehicle graphics and signs in and around Toronto since 1989.

Patrick Lumley
Owner and CEO, Side Effects Graphics, Canada

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Calculate your possible profits

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