News 5/28/2024

30 Years of Expertise & 11 000 units:

30 Years of Expertise & 11 000 units:

At Rollsroller, our journey has been defined by listening to our customers and prioritizing the
upgrades that matter most to them. As we step into 2024, we're proud to introduce our latest
offerings - Signature and Signature Plus - replacing our popular Entry and Regular models with fresh
aesthetics and multiple configurations. They are a testament to our commitment to leading the way
in machinery and being the ultimate choice for sign makers.

SIGNATURE: Always Includes the following key features
• Robust Framework: We maintain our industry-best table frame, offering unparalleled
durability. The welded chassis ensures flatness for decades.

• Contemporary Design: A fresh new modern appearance.

• Streamlined Sales: Distributors will find it easier to promote a model with enhanced flexibility,
upgrades, and aftermarket possibilities.

• Cost-Effective Shipping: The improved design allows for economical bulk shipping.

• Optimized Media Holder: The media holder no longer obstructs work from the short side.

• Reinforced Tool Tray: A sturdy tray for various tools.

• Foldable Media Holders: The media holders on the glide beam are always in place, and you
can use them in both directions.

• Linear system: Facilitates smoother movement of the glide beam and easier installation.

In addition to the innovations in the Signature model, the Signature Plus offers:
• Enhanced Illumination: We've improved the already best-in-class lighting.

• Advanced electrical height adjustment:

• Adjustable height settings with memory options, similar to customizing a car seat for
multiple users.

• An intuitive digital display for precise height adjustments.

• Enhanced accessibility and safety with the height adjustable button.

• A new level of stability. Enhanced stability for customers to experience.

• Open Construction: Easy access to the storage space underneath.

• USB-A and C ports that allows operators to charge phones, tablets etc.
In conclusion, we have a flatbed applicator that is essentially upgraded in every aspect.

This is going to be very exciting!

Discover the official ROLLSROLLER online shop
Discover the official ROLLSROLLER online shop


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