Contact cleaner hand roller



  • Ergonomic design
  • Can be used to clean any flat surface
  • Includes automatic cleaning station
  • Extendable shaft as option

A HAND-HELD ACCESSORY that cleans any flat surface. The contact cleaner hand roller is an ergonomic designed hand tool that picks up particles down to 1 micron (and below). The contact cleaner can be used to clean any flat surface and will pick up dry, unattached particles without damaging the surface or leaving anything behind. It will pick up dust, lint, hair, glass, metal skin and plastic particles. After rolling the part you want to clean, simply place the roller into the automatic cleaning station to refresh for next application. 

Contact cleaner hand roller includes Hand held roller (300mm/1ft.), Cleaning station and one cleaning adhesive roll with 60 sheets of cleaning paper. A great option is the extendable shaft that makes it more convenient and more ergonomic to reach across a large panel.

See download tab for product data sheets.

Contact cleaner hand roller, including cleaning station Roller width 300 mm (1 ft.) 71029
Extendable shaft + straight adapter 1000 mm - 1600 mm (3 ft. 3 in. - 5 ft 3 in.) 10443


See download tab for product data sheet.

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